Crawford Roofing employees participate in training right from day from.  The training that each worker receives is specific to the job tasks that they perform and/or the environments that they work in. Our Joint Health and Safety Committee, in partnership with Senior Management and Supervisors, assess the tasks that each worker is expected to perform and ensure that the training provided meets or exceeds legislated/industry standards.  Here is a list of the various training courses offered to Crawford Roofing employees.

  • CPO Approved – Working at Heights in Construction
  • CPO Approved – JHSC Part 1 and Part 2 Construction
  • CPO Approved Health and Safety – 4 Steps of Worker Awareness
  • CPO Approved Health and Safety – 5 Steps of Supervisor Awareness
  • Ladder Safety
  • Standard & Emergency First-Aid
  • Safe Operation of a Skid-steer
  • Safe Operation of a Forklift
  • Safe Operation of a Telehandler
  • Safe Operation of Elevated Work Platforms
  • Safe use of Propane – Roofing Equipment
  • Safe use of Propane – Refilling
  • Safe use of Propane – Construction Heaters
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • IHSA Hoisting and Rigging
  • IHSA Traffic Control
  • IHSA Basics of Supervising
  • IHSA Introduction to Hazard and Risk Management
  • IHSA Basic Auditing Principles
  • IHSA COR Essentials
  • IHSA COR Internal Auditor
  • IHSA Foundations of Facilitating, Training and Learning
  • ISN and Client Specific Safety Awareness Training Programs

Crawford Roofing takes pride in our strong safety record by providing regular training at a frequency that exceeds regulatory requirements. Our training platforms are available online and in person with our certified in house training facilitators or 3rd party certified training providers.  We also use translators when necessary to ensure the best transfer of knowledge between the facilitators and the workers.